Who we are

Clay artisans, ceramic designers.


D.E.S. was born as an artisan workshop in 1975, and proudly keeps on maintaining this status.



Ours is a story that talks about our land, Sardinia and a family, born from the resolution and commitment of Sebastiano Pani, who made a profession out of his passion.

Trained as apprentice of Stelio Mola, a true master of Sardinian artistic ceramics, and always endowed with pictorial skills gained by taking part in the restoration of religious works, he began the production of artistic ceramic objects starting the artisan activity with the loving support of his wife Rose.

Together they created an artistic collection that included statues depicting scenes of everyday life, with men and women wearing traditional costumes, as well as art objects such as trays and holy water stoups.

The entry of his son Stefano into the family business dates back to thirty years ago, in 1991, when he felt a strong call for what he considerede not only a job, but a real passion. The fatigue and heat of the kiln immediately fade into the background in front of the satisfaction of literally seeing unique ceramic pieces born from clay, modeled by his hands.



From father to son

In 2013 the handover. Stefano takes over the artistic laboratory and officially D.E.S Ceramiche artistic di Stefano Pani is born.

A handover marked by respect for the ceramist tradition and for the work of his parents, but also by the desire to evolve in the forms, in the design, in the offer to a public increasingly interested in handcrafted ceramics. Modern colours and styles meet and embrace the classic taste inherited from his father’s experience, to open up to a future of elegance and refinement that decorates domestic spaces, arousing emotions in those who look at them.

Stefano gives life to a real restyling, not only artistic but also conceptual, in the production of artistic ceramics.

Their creations open up to a national and international market made up of admirers of beauty, craftsmanship, men and women who understand the commitment that each single piece requires, and who in the forms of modern design perceive the value of the tradition from which the Stefano Pani started their adventure and from which they will never completely separate.
Because that of D.E.S. it is a future that also speaks of the past, an ancient taste that turns its gaze to novelty.

D.E.S. is design modeled by the artisan technique, a shop that opens up to the world.


artistic ceramics